Friday, May 27, 2011

hurtful words

Once again, I have opened my mouth and paid a heavy price for it.  Poetry is not my medium, except when there is no other.

Alcestis at the coffee shop

And she must never ever be smart
Or strong.
But if she is then she must
Expect to be abused
By the weak.

And she must never complain
Or ask for help
Or ask for love.

If she has friends
They will abandon her
When she needs them most.
Because she does not need them
As much as they need her
Not to need them.

And she who does need them
Is she who needs everything and
Has nothing
And gives nothing.
She makes her need her friends
Then takes them with her cruel need.

For she is strong and smart
And can have no feelings.
She cannot have both
For that is an embarrassment
To those who have only one.

A mind is not a terrible thing to waste.
It is a terrible thing to have
For from it comes
The terrible terror of being
Hated for what she cannot change
And therefore is forced to change
Or deny
Or destroy.

Do not hate her because she is
She cannot change her beauty
(Except that she can)
Even if it only exists in her mind
Or her long faded childhood.

Hate her for her mind
Because she cannot change it.
And it mocks them
Even when she does not.
Hate her for her love,
Hate her for her generosity and her spirit,
Because they come from her heart
And her mind.

Love her for her hate.
Pity her for her spite.
Protect her meanness because it come from her tiny heart
And her tiny mind
And her tiny life.
But do not hate her beauty
That exists only in her
Tiny mind.

She is strong and she is wise
And you think she does not need you.
She does.
But you will not hear her cry
Because it is not your own.
You will only hear the tiny cry
The cruel cry.
And the cruel tears like acid
Will hate you as you love her.

And the love will die that never was.
And the love will die that might have been.

Karma's a bitch.

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