Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Amazon formating update #4A -- Disappearing words

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more bizarre, it does.

The book is A Bride for the Highwayman by Bridgett Farrell.  When I began trying to read it, there were obviously chunks of text missing.

As you can see (I hope) the text begins with " the entire county of Cumbria."  Something is missing, and from the basic appearance of what's on the Kindle for PC screen, one could logically assume that the underlying digital file is incomplete.  Well, that's one of those assumptions one should not make.

Altering the size of the font on the display suddenly makes more words appear!

Readers might be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the author who self-published this book uploaded the wrong file for the Kindle for PC.  But self-publishing authors know that only one file is uploaded for the Kindle Direct Publication process, and that same file is then displayed on the various Kindle devices, the Kindle for PC, the Kindle for Mac, and the Kindle Cloud Reader.

I know what your next question is going to be, and here's the answer:

Yes, there it is, the Amazon Kindle "Look Inside" preview of A Bride for the Highwayman.   Back to the standard Times Roman font that was changed to Arial for the Kindle for PC application.  And the missing text is all there.

Once again, I address this to the authors who like me are self-publishing with Amazon's KDP program.  What are they doing to our books?  And why?

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