Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What lies behind the words?

Following is the entire text of the email I received this morning from Dorchester Publishing:

Ms. Hilton,

The Garfunkel, Wild, Travis Law firm and OEM Capital Corp. forwarded me your letter of reversion dated March 10, 2012. I’ve noted your request for the rights to your title. Per our protocol, once we receive your request it enters the reversion review process, as reversions are not a unilateral decision. Dorchester is currently in negotiations of a sale. I've attached an announcement from our C.E.O. about new developments in the company. When I spoke to the agency brokering the sale of Dorchester, I was informed that there are quality companies bidding for Dorchester, and once they close that deal there will be an auction held 3 weeks after that. After the auction, the buyer has 30 days to speak and negotiate with authors before closing. The new buyers will negotiate directly with the author and agent about arrears. Any author that still wants to revert, can, at that time. I'll keep you posted with any more updates I receive.


Samantha Hazell
Contract & Rights Assistant
Production Assistant
Dorchester Publishing
105 East 34th Street, Box 175
New York, NY 10016

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