Saturday, March 10, 2012

The words are in the mail

Letters went off, certified mail with return receipt, to Dorchester Publishing at their Madison Avenue address (which apparently is now vacated or something) and at the address given for the law firm handling the proposed sale of the book divisions assets. 

Termination of the contract terminates Dorchester's license to publish and/or distribute the book and all rights revert to me. 

This blog post is published to provide additional documentation that the letters have been sent.


  1. Linda, I'm not quite sure whether Dorchester are still picking up their mail (they certainly haven'T answered any mail for weeks). In one of the articles on Brian Keene's site, there's a list of e-mails of people who might still be working for the company. Not that anybody is answering e-mails, but hey, we all live to hope, right?

  2. We all live to hope, absolutely, Sandy. That's why I sent the letters both to the Madison Ave address and to DP c/o the law firm. We'll see what happens. And I will continue to post about it as much as I can, and in as many places as I can!