Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just a few words about words about words

The knights paraded onto the tournament grounds riding magnificently comparisoned horses with their lances raised.  Once the competition began, the steeds would be given free reign, but for now they pranced in anticipation.  Sir George of Luxling, the only warrior out of the dozen on the field whom carries an unmarked shield, turns his red stallion in a tight circle until they are facing the lord's and ladies whom were seated under the royal canopy.

Lady Ashleigh sat near the end of the canopy between two older women wearing an emmerald green gown and silver crown.  She is the most beautiful woman Sir Luxling had ever seen, he immediately wondered who she was, what her name was, if she married or not.  Lowering his visor and planning how he would make the ladies acquaintance after the tournament, the red stallion snorted and pawed the dusty dirt.
If the preceding two paragraphs don't make your brain hurt, you could be a one-star self-published author -- or an editor at a small digital publisher.

In other words, just because your book was "edited" by someone other than yourself doesn't mean it's free of errors.  Errors of verb tense.  Errors of misplaced modifiers.  Errors of peerage titles.  Errors of pronoun case.  Errors of word usage.  Errors of missing words.  Errors of spelling/typing.  Errors of punctuation.

When a reviewer complains that a book needed to be edited, the author should not insist that the reviewer is wrong.  Just because someone edited the book doesn't mean it's free of errors.  Sadly, I've been looking at a lot of digital books that have been issued by well-known digital publishers, and the books are riddled with exactly the kind of errors illustrated and listed above.

The author whose name goes on the cover has to accept full and complete and ultimate responsibility for the quality of the product.  Shifting the blame doesn't correct the errors.

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