Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The word for today is F-R-A-U-D; is Amazon the fraudster?

This is yet another update in the ongoing saga of formatting problems that show up on the Kindle for PC application, provided free by Amazon.

After three months of arguing with Amazon technical people, and receiving empty promises from them, I've come to the conclusion that Amazon has no intentions of fixing the problem.  I expect it to start showing up more and more often, and I believe the intent was to get those of us who either can't afford or don't want another electronic device hooked on the Kindle platform.  When the free program didn't work and we didn't want to lose all our content, we'd be essentially forced to stay with the Kindle platform.  And because the Kindle for PC app is much more versatile than the plain ol' vanilla Kindle, we'd opt for the higher end Kindle Fire, etc.

Kindle for PC is the gateway drug.

I don't know how many books this problem shows up on.  Nor do I know how many of the problems are due to author/publisher errors.  What I do know, however, is that I have been attempting to get a resolution from Amazon since 17 July, and nothing has been resolved.

The Kindle books involved include -- but certainly are not limited to --

Danger at Mellin Cove, by Rena George
Angels at Midnight, by Norma Beishir
Alexander's Empire, by Norma Beishir
Embrace the Wild Dawn, by S.K. McClafferty
A Shocking Scandal, by Anne Ireland

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