Saturday, October 13, 2012

The word of the day: C-Y-B-E-R

As in "cyber-stalker."

It's not cypher or cyper.  C-Y-B-E-R.

And she knows who she is. 

"Cyber" isn't the only word she has trouble spelling correctly.

From what I can tell, she has been whining blogging for approximately eight months that trolls and stalkers have formed a malicious conspiracy to give her book(s) unjustified negative reviews, that these negative reviews are unfair and inaccurate, and they alone are the reason her wonderful, well-written books aren't selling.  I have to admit it took me a while to track some of these reviews down, and I'm quite sure I don't have all of them, but I have enough of them to say this: Virtually all of the negative reviews cited spelling errors, grammar mistakes, story inconsistencies, and other aspects of "bad writing."  None of them attacked the author or her integrity or her honesty.

They just didn't like her book.

At no time has the author -- or any of her friends and supporters -- addressed these claims to satisfactorily refute them.  Not once.  Even though the critics cited specific examples of errors, no one has come forward to say those critics were wrong and why they were wrong.

The author simply states she is a good writer.  She offers no evidence, other than all the five-star reviews that gush about her book.

Fairness and accuracy, however, don't appear to extend to the behavior required of the author.  Not only has she enlisted friends and family members to post those five-star reviews (and in some cases attack reviewers who didn't gush), she has now herself created a sockpuppet which she uses to swap tit-for-tat reviews with other authors, including authors she acknowledges have helped her with her book.

And yes, I have the screen shots.

A customer who reads a book and posts a negative review is not -- NOT -- a bully, a stalker, a troll, or anything but a reader who just didn't like your damned book.  And before you accuse people of malice toward you, you'd better make sure you are as innocent of wrong-doing as you claim to be.

You know who you are.

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